Zano pauses from Twitch: “I suffer from anxiety and depression”

Zano pauses from Twitch: “I suffer from anxiety and depression”

Born in 1996, Cristiano Spadaccini reached 1.6 million followers on the Amazon platform.

The record is still his. In 2021 during an event linked to the launch of Fifa, Cristiano “ZanoXVII” Swordsmen he had managed to connect 159,171 viewers to his channel at the same time. No one has ever gone this far in the entire short history of Twitch Italia. Now the streamer has announced a hiatus from all activities of him. For some time now he has been live on the Amazon dedicated to video had slowed down. The last transmission visible on his channel dates back to 15 days ago. Now, with a series of Instagram stories, Zano has explained the reason for his absence.

“Hi friends, a little update. I haven’t been streaming in a while. The reason is that I am suffering from depression and anxiety. I’m on antidepressants and anxiolytics, I’m starting to take this cure. It will be quite a long process, it is right to make you participate. Slowly it will get better. I send you a big kiss. I hope to be back in stream soon. Daje “. A few hours after spreading the message, she also thanked her fanbase with another Instagram story: “I have read many of the messages you sent me. Thank you. Little by little my friends “.

Who is Zano, between music and video games

Born in 1996, origins and a Roman accent, Zano is one of the creators who in Italy contributed to the rise of Twitch as a space dedicated to entertainment. At the moment on this platform it has exceeded 1.6 million followers while on Instagram it has reached 727 thousand followers. First of all gamer, Zano mainly played a Fifa e Call of Duty. In recent years, however, he has not spared incursions also in the musical field. In 2018 he released Chackra, his first single which was also remixed by rapper Madman. At the beginning of 2021 he collaborated with Tha Supreme for another single: Warzonata.

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