Working in the Metaverse? There are already job offers, even in Italy

Working in the Metaverse? There are already job offers, even in Italy

On sites like Indeed, Monster, and Jooble there are already “virtual” job offers

The job of the future? More or less. The metaverse is already among us and creates jobs today. The list is long, just search Indeed, Monster, Infojobs, Adecco, Jooble. All sites offer professional offers related to the Metaverse. From the world builder to the ethical data analyst. There is a bit of everything. Much of the metaverse has yet to be invented and on paper, for now, it is the wilderness of possibilities, even from a work point of view.

The offers

Some are traditional professions translated into the ether, other jobs designed ad hoc. First of all the web3 developer, a developer who knows how to use the most up-to-date programming languages, specialized above all on topics related to the blockchain. Among the most sought-after works there is also the social media strategist to implement social strategies aimed at increasing web traffic. Me too’3D animator is particularly in demand. His goal is to create three-dimensional images, the animations that will inhabit the platform. Equally important are the security managers. Mother problem in the web 2, even more crucial in the web 3. A key element to be able to live and work in the metaverse. There is no shortage of requests for the videomakerwho will have to produce and post produce the images and videos that will allow the metaverse to take shape.

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Instead, they will have to possess multiple skills architects of the metaverse. 3D animation, illustration and modeling skills, programming basics, and software skills such as Blender and Maya. Their purpose is to imagine new spaces. Those that will be transformed into “reality” by builders of the metaverse, professionals who develop infrastructures in the ether. They make architects’ visions concrete. There will also be room for writers in the creation circuit. The storytellers, who will have to plan experiences and tours. Able to create fantastic scenarios for games and entertainment, and also opportunities for socializing, a way to offer users new opportunities to meet. The metaverse needs to be narrated to be as immersive as it promises. Remaining in the field of art, they have already made people talk about themselves crypto artist, who have developed new strategies for creating digital works that will be exhibited and sold in the metaverse. Their skills are also required by companies to create new aesthetics in the virtual world.

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1662401274 758 Working in the Metaverse There are already job offers even - September 30, 2022

1662401276 461 Working in the Metaverse There are already job offers even - September 30, 2022

Less requests for now. Searching on the sites, however, you will also find job offers for room managers e event directors in the metaverse. Concerts and exhibitions, on the other hand, have already taken place in environments such as Fortnite. A trend that achieved success. Their task is “to invent and develop cutting-edge solutions for locomotion, interactions, facial expressions and secondary movement of the avatar. Knowing how to manage the logistics of an event and entertain guests,” they write.

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1662401278 360 Working in the Metaverse There are already job offers even - September 30, 2022

There are also jobs that hardly appear on the notice boards of sites offering jobs, but have already begun to take their place in the metaverse and in international companies that invest in the phenomenon.

Bounty hunters on the data

In the metaverse, data is everything. Data bounty hunters test infrastructure security. The search for vulnerabilities has always been a priority for anyone involved in cyber security. Precisely for this reason a system has been created that incentives computer scientists to find them and therefore to prevent a hacker attack. Each vulnerability, therefore, has a price on its “head”. The hunters are paid to find them.

Lawyers and wealth consultants

The metaverse moves, money, works of art, rights circulate, and everything happens in an uncertain legal landscape. Lawyers and wealth consultants specializing in Ethereum, Nft, wills that include virtual assets, or investments in Upland, Cryptovoxels, Somnium Space, are increasingly in demand.

Touristic guides

On the other hand it is a world that must be explored. The role of tour guides remains more or less the same, the spaces change. They accompany the avatars to their new homes, show new places, explain the history and characteristics of the platform they visit. They are also tasked with entertaining and creating unique experiences, depending on the package you purchase.


Imvu, a metaverse social network that has grown 44% in the last year, allows its users to create avatars and virtually dress them in designer-created digital clothing, and has already hosted a fashion show. DressX, a digital-only store in Metajuku, a shopping district of Decentraland, is creating a new season of virtual clothing. Stylists are already working to dress and advise avatars, the role of personal shopper is already active on the most fashion-sensitive platforms.

Ecosystem developer

It is he who makes the architects’ vision sustainable. He makes sure that everything works and that it can be fully exploited. It guarantees the large-scale capabilities of new technologies and proposes optimized government investments. Knowledge of XR, government experience in managing infrastructure development, and knowledge of new technological systems are required.

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