Why Pokimane took a break from Twitch (in favor of Twitter, Instagram and TikTok)

Why Pokimane took a break from Twitch (in favor of Twitter, Instagram and TikTok)

Taking into account only the positive feedback of the immense community she has (about 9.2 million), does not allow her to understand what she likes or dislikes as a person.

“Putting myself constantly out there [nel mondo online] it doesn’t give me time to reflect and grow as an individual. ”He said that He nods in a video posted on YouTube on September 1st. For this reason, the Twitch star adored by young people has decided to decrease her presence on the purple platform of Amazon. Only take into account the positive feedback from the huge community she has (about 9.2 million)does not allow her to understand what she likes and dislikes as a person.

It is not the first time that Pokimane takes a break from social media and streaming. In this case, however, it is a more decisive detachment. The frantic competition with other content creators, dictated by keeping up with the latest trend, carries with it anxiety, stress and burnout syndrome. “Whether you realize it or not, there is such pressure on streamers to follow every trend, to capitalize on the audience, to stream longer than the guy next to them or the guy they share a similar audience with. a hyper-competitive sector, “he said in the video quoted above. “I’m at a point in my life where it no longer feels satisfying to feed it creatively.”

Do not worry though: Pokimane will not completely disappear from the purple platform, it will simply decrease the hours of streaming, often dedicated to video games. He will only do it when he feels like it. Instead, it will prioritize content for Twitter, Instagram e TikTok about his well-being and lifestyle. Of the three social platforms, the streamer appreciates having direct contact with a predominantly female audience, unlike Twitch which is based on a majority male audience (65% versus 35%). “It’s hard not to think I’m closing a chapter, but instead I’m just opening more doors; Entering a new phase and chapter in my life,” Pokimane finally said.

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This story represents a new episode of quitting Twitch. The last striking case is that of LilyPichuwhich last June officially switched to YouTube, and not surprisingly: the Google video platform is experiencing a new phase of growth, with an increase in use among young people equal to 90% according to the survey by Pew Research. Hence the interest of content creators, freer and less restricted from a creative point of view than Amazon’s Twitch. Returning to Pokimane’s “semi-farewell” video, it was published on YouTube, where in a few days it obtained over 766 thousand views.

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