Why Donald Trump could return to Facebook and Instagram

Why Donald Trump could return to Facebook and Instagram

After the capture of Capitol Hill Meta had suspended the former president from social media, in January the revocation expires and the head of global affairs of Meta will have to decide what to do with the accounts of the former president.

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Donald Trump’s exile could end. Nick CleggMeta’s president of global affairs will decide whether the former president will return to Facebook and Instagram in 2023. The CEO will also be consulted, Mark Zuckerberg, the platform’s board of directors and external experts. The ban began on January 6, 2021, when Capitol Hill was occupied. Fleets of right-wing extremists had broken through the gates, raided the offices and proudly posted the success of the company on social media. Trump does not distance himself, quite the contrary. At the beginning he suggests that he is on the side of the demonstrators and is suspended from all platforms. Meta chooses a temporary ban, two years, Twitter bans the former president for life.

Now the suspension is about to expire, the January 7, 2023 Trump could come back. “This is not a whimsical decision,” Clegg said, “we will analyze the signs of damage in the real world to decide if it will be reinstated on the platform.” Clegg also pointed out that even if Trump returns, he could be suspended from Facebook and Instagram again. “We will talk to the experts, we will talk with third parties, we will try to assess what the implications will be in our opinion in bringing Trump back to the platform,” Clegg said.

Who is Nick Clegg

Clegg was previously British Deputy Prime Minister and joined Facebook as vice president of global affairs and communications in 2018. In February he was promoted to the role of corporate political executive prominent. Facebook chose him to mend its relationships with regulators, political leaders and the media after the Cambridge Analytica case.

Facebook employees will have to take the third dose of the vaccine to be able to return to the office

Now Clegg must understand if, in the event of a return, Trump will have to start from scratch or be able to count on his own 35 million followers. The ones she had to leave two years ago. There is also a question of timing. The revocation could be an added bonus for the former president who pushes for reapply in 2024. “When making a decision that affects the public sphere, you have to act with great caution,” Clegg said.

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