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What Does 1 Mean In Javascript?

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What Does 1 Mean In Javascript? -1 means the first goes before the second, 1 means it goes after, and 0 means they’re equivalent. The sort function uses the comparisons in the function you pass it to sort the function.

What does $$ mean in JavaScript? $ and $$ are valid variable names in JavaScript, they have no special meaning. Usually they set their value to library instances, in your example if you check the closure call, at the end of the file you’ll see that $ is jQuery in this case if it is defined and $$ is cytoscape.

What does 0 mean in JavaScript? 0 is an argument passed to void that does nothing, and returns nothing. JavaScript code (as seen above) can also be passed as arguments to the void method. This makes the link element run some code but it maintains the same page. For example:
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