What are the benefits of taking your coffee maker’s main filter out to clean it?

What are the benefits of taking your coffee maker’s main filter out to clean it?

What happens if you drink coffee that’s been brewed with water that’s got limescale deposits in it? What would happen to your health if you came into contact with this?

There are plenty of coffee makers that exist today that make the entire brewing process easy and satisfying. Coffee lovers can create a perfect, full-bodied cup with just a push of a button nowadays. Our morning coffee is a critical part of our lives which is why we have experts patiently waiting for our next order. With their help, we can get the perfect cup of coffee every time without needing to pour a single drop.

Coffee makers have been an essential part of our lives for a long time, but sometimes they need a little work to keep them performing so well. In this case, descaling is the answer.

What are the benefits of taking your coffee maker's main filter out to clean it?

Each time your coffee maker boils water, there is a build-up of mineral deposits on the heating element. These deposits could spell disaster for the machine if left to build up too much, with magnesium and calcium being the worst offenders. It’s a particular concern if you live in an area with hard water, which will happen far quicker – magnesium and calcium are common contaminants in hard water.

Over time, these deposits will gradually harden on coffee carafes and other internal parts of coffee makers. This makes it harder to clean them and ultimately compromises their effectiveness. Your coffee maker will struggle if you let a thick layer of limescale build-up on the shower filters.

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Leaving these deposits on your coffee maker will block water flow, stop the machine from accurately gauging the temperature of your coffee, and make it work harder to brew your cups. This is because too much limescale can lead to a weaker flavor and even clog the water, which can result in damage to the intake and exhaust system.

Regular descaling is required to break down deposits that have built up, which can lead to a worse experience for you and your brewer. We show you step-by-step how to clean your coffee maker.

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