What are smart plugs and how much you save on your bill using smart plugs

What are smart plugs and how much you save on your bill using smart plugs

They monitor consumption and can be managed remotely through applications. How the sockets that connect to the smartphone work.

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They are inexpensive, easy to install and above all they could help anyone to survive unscathed a winter that promises to be very complex as regards the cost of bills. The smart sockets, or smart plug, are sockets that can connect to the home Wi Fi network. They can be adjusted with applications, with home automation systems that are already part of our homes or can be integrated with the functions of voice assistants. These smart sockets allow, if used well, to save on the bill. Just like with thermostatic valves and smart thermostats.

In short, therefore, a smart plug is a wireless electrical socket to which electronic devices can be connected. Beyond this definition, however, there are dozens of uses that can help us manage the appliances we have in the house, starting or switching them off according to our schedules. Installing them is simple: there is no need to redo the electrical system, just attach them to existing sockets as if they were adapters.

What are smart sockets for and how they work
A model of smart sockets

A model of smart sockets

Smart sockets are used for three functions. First of all there is the possibility of remotely turn on and off household appliances. In the case of models in which it is possible to insert a programming, this can be used to switch on and off the appliances when we do not need them. In doing so, for example, it is possible, trivially, to turn off at night all those appliances that are usually only put on stand by, starting from the televisions.

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The integration with the voice assistants on the market then allows you to expand the options of these devices. By integrating the smart sockets to appliances such as Alexa or Google Home, it is possible to use the smart sockets to turn the house lights on or off in the morning, or to manage other devices such as fans or electric heaters. Some models are then able to monitor consumption to record the power consumption for each device.

How much you save by using smart sockets in the house

It is not possible to make a precise estimate of how much you can save with smart plugs. It all depends on the number of sockets you choose to install, on your energy habits and above all on the choices you make once monitoring has started. According to the Idealista.it portal, by installing smart plugs it is possible to save up to 20% consumption.

How many types of smart plugs exist: characteristics and differences
Smart socket with different sensors

Smart socket with different sensors

Currently on the market they exist dozens of models of smart plug. The main feature to observe when choosing to buy one concerns the number of sensors present. The basic ones only have the possibility to connect to the home WiFi: in this way they are able to be managed by an application and it is also possible to connect them in most cases to voice assistants.

The higher you go with the price range, the more you can access new features. There are some smart sockets that allow you to keep a history with the detection of all consumption and others that have a temperature detector capable of interrupting the flow of current in case of overheating of the device to which they are connected. Still others can detect, and immediately report, electrical voltage peaks.

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