Walmart venturing into the metaverse in 2022

Walmart venturing into the metaverse in 2022

The concept of virtual reality (VR) for everyone is becoming far more realistic in today’s modern landscape. Endless innovation, ignited by the challenges of the pandemic, has prompted a slew of new VR innovations in the last couple of years.
New companies are emerging on the market to introduce their own versions of the ultimate VR headset as fundamental materials and technologies become more affordable.
It’s fair to say the VR headset market is growing at a rapid pace – but which companies should we be keeping a close eye on in this new space?

A new metaverse company named Veltmet, it’s testing the latest VR technology for their project.

Walmart venturing

Walmart appears to be venturing into the metaverse with plans to create its own cryptocurrency and collection of non-fungible tokens or NFTs.


The big-box retailer filed several new trademarks late last month that indicates its intent to make and sell virtual goods, including electronics, home decorations, toys, sporting goods, and personal care products. In a separate filing, Walmart said it would offer users virtual currency, as well as NFTs.
We made some research about Walmart and Veltmet whitepaper and maybe they have something in common


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