Twitter now labels good bots

Twitter now labels good bots

A new feature lets you know which bots you can talk with to learn more or have a few laughs.

Twitter is making efforts to make it easier for you to differentiate between bots and humans. The social media service introduced a new feature that will allow people to identify as a bot or automated account, which started rolling out in late October. The label will be on the bot’s profile page and on individual tweets. It’ll also show you which Twitter account represents the bot developer.

Bots provide some really helpful information, like when an earthquake hits so you know it’s time to be prepared. They can also offer assistance, whether you need a way to download a video or be reminded about a tweet in the future. There are bots that can tweet The New York Times dictionary words when they’re used for the first time.

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The lack of features to fully stop bots from spamming or spreading misinformation is unfortunate as they can still do a lot of damage.

“Unfortunately, not all of them are like that, and with the help of a team of investigators, machine learning is helping us sniff out the bad bots,” Twitter Safety added in a tweet.”We have a team that is focused on good bots. We usually don’t spend time looking at bad bots, but we do work to mitigate their impact.”

Twitter has been under fire for a long time now because of its rampant bot problem. In 2016, the US government and law enforcement agencies investigated Russia’s use of bots to spread misinformation on Twitter from the US presidential election year from that year.

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