“Twitter is not a safe place”, all the revelations of the hacker who is shaking the social network

“Twitter is not a safe place”, all the revelations of the hacker who is shaking the social network

According to Peiter “Mudge” Zatko, the former Twitter security officer, the company would have preferred profits to protecting users.

“It doesn’t matter who has the keys if there are no locks.” He started from here Peiter “Mudge” Zatko on the morning of 13 September. The whistle blower of Twitter, in front of Congress, said that the platform does not know what data it has in its hands, nor where it comes from, “so, obviously, they cannot protect it”. And not only. He also revealed that there would be one among the employees Chinese spy. Zatko was hired by Jack Dorsey in 2020 to respond to the “crypto hack”, the Bitcoin scam that had hit, among others, the accounts of Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Joe Biden, Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk. Two years later he was fired because of his “poor job performanceFor Zatko, it is retaliation due to his refusal to ignore the company’s security concerns.

In his testimony, the hacker starts from those flaws. During a bipartisan hearing before the US Senate Judiciary Committee, he explained: “I am here today because the leadership of Twitter is misleading the public, legislators, regulators and even its own board of directors ”. For Zatko, the weaknesses in cybersecurity make the platform vulnerable to exploitation, causing real harm to real people. According to the hacker, Twitter is lying. Mind about the ability to protect data of its 238 million users, it lies about the number of bots, and has always “prioritized profits rather than security”.

For Zatko, Twitter, he was already ten years behind. When he came to the company he thought it was a time bomb. “For 30 years, my mission has been to make the world safer. I joined Twitter because I believed that with my skills I could significantly improve user safety in the United States and around the world ”. He tries but encounters obstacles, and for this reason, after being fired, he chooses another path. Reveal everything. In July he presents a report to the Justice Departmentalla Federal Trade Commission e alla Securities and Exchange Commission.

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Risks to sensitive data

From Zatko’s words it emerges that the software used by the social network is obsolete and vulnerable. Thousands of employees would be able to access sensitive data of users and the Californian company would not delete personal account information when requested. “It is not an exaggeration to say that any employee can view the accounts of any senator in this room,” Zatko said. Not only that, according to hacker i bots are not calculated correctly, and executives are incentivized, with bonuses of up to $ 10 million, to increase the number of users rather than remove spam. Precisely for this reason, last July Elon Musk had clashed with the top management of the company.

Interference from foreign intelligence agencies

During the testimony Zatko also revealed that “Twitter in multiple episodes it was hacked by foreign intelligence agencies”, And that the platform does not have the weapons to defend itself from external attacks. He added that there would also be one among the employees Chinese spy of the Ministry of State Security (MSS) of Beijing. It would not be an isolated case. “A foreign government that puts undercover agents into Twitter wants to not only identify individuals or interest groups but also see if the platform can identify your agents and your operations,” she said. Among the employees there were also Indian agents.

The Republican Senator Chuck Grassley he said Zatko’s allegations paint “the image of a company that focuses solely on profit at any cost.” She added: “Twitter has a responsibility to make sure that data is protected and does not fall into the hands of foreign powers.” Twitter has already published a note to defend itself: “Zatko’s statements are a false narrative full of inconsistencies and inaccuracies.” The trial against the platform will begin on October 17.

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