Traffic record on Pornhub during the elections, the highest data of the last ten years

Traffic record on Pornhub during the elections, the highest data of the last ten years

The exploit is from Basilicata, which at 3 am, after the electoral results, reaches an incredible peak of accesses, + 35%,

Ballot boxes almost deserted on the one hand, traffic records on Pornhub on the other. It’s unclear what the correlation between porn and politics is, yet there is. Were 10 years that the site did not reach such high numbers. Sunday September 25th with a cost trend more and more Italians have entered the page.

The data was revealed by Pornhub. It starts at 9am, a cost increase until 5pm, when traffic hits its first peak, a +12%. Then a drop, fewer people enter the site and at 11pm there is a stop, -4%. Outside, the polling stations have just closed, and the first results of the Exit Poll. The center right is ahead. An hour passes and we start again. On Pornhub the traffic increases again, more and more, until it reaches the maximum peak of the day at 3 am. A+13%.

Often Pornhub, or more generally porn sites, have been the mirror of bigger trends. During the 2016 votes, on the occasion of the constitutional referendum promoted by Renzi, the data had shown an increase in access to the page. The same year, Donald Trump’s victory was celebrated by the Americans, right on Porhub, which had registered a + 17%.

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Traffic records in each region

A trend that seems to have affected all of Italy in a homogeneous way. According to the data, each region has seen an increase in anomalous traffic on the free porn portal. The Molise marks + 15%, Valle d’Aosta + 14%, Tuscany + 3%. The exploit is from Basilicata, which at 3 at night, after the electoral results, it reaches an incredible peak of accesses. A +35%.

The assault on the platform is a phenomenon that intersects with another fact: the highest percentage of abstention since the war to date. Only the 64% Italians. A maximum on the one hand, a minimum on the other. The data speak for themselves, the Italians, on September 25, preferred porn to politics.

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