TikTok’s UK live purchasing occasion will certainly examine its success outside China

TikTok’s UK live purchasing occasion will certainly examine its success outside China

This platform is having a great event called “On Trend.” The event will be held on two consecutive days, with a variety of activities that focus on e-commerce.

TikTok’s first live retail event in the U.K. will be on Wednesday and Thursday, with exclusive discounts and product launches from brands that people can buy directly from the app itself.

“We are excited and optimistic about the future,” said Rich Waterworth, TikTok’s GM for the U.K. & EU. “It’s a great opportunity for us to invest in e-commerce and make a big impact on how people shop online.”

Social media platforms have been a popular shopping destination for a while, but it took Instagram & its parent company Facebook for live shopping to become popular. Some attribute this to the growth of online retailers like Amazon and eBay that have caused people to feel comfortable waiting until they find something that’s just right.

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Bloggers are excited about the latest updates to take popular apps TikTok and Douyin to the next level with new live shopping features. In 2018, TikTok experienced a study growth to 10 billion yuan. In 2019, it grew again to 800 billion yuan. The U.K. event holds the question of whether e-commerce can be as successful outside of China.

If you want to reap the benefits of Viral Videos that become New Trends, check out TikTok. Users can push their videos up and get beyond 10 million views create videos of their shopping hauls using the hashtag TikTokMadeMeBuyIt and dominate conversations! Pranks like this happen from time to time and show that even the most successful types of social media marketing still make room for error.

TikTok will be conducting a live shopping event to find out whether live streaming could gain popularity as it has in Asia and whether shoppers outside of China would like to participate.

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