There is a filter on TikTok that helps you figure out who to vote for (and it works quite well too)

There is a filter on TikTok that helps you figure out who to vote for (and it works quite well too)

It was created by Davide Fumarola. 34 years old, design expert, in recent months he has started to devote himself to this type of communication.

Two options, only one choice each time and in the end a clear answer. Maybe 60 seconds is a little short to decide who will be driving around 60 million people for the next five years (government crisis permitting). Yet the filter TikTok on the political elections is grinding hundreds of thousands of views. Once the filter is activated, the user is asked to choose their position on a topic, always deciding between two options. There are all the themes of the election campaign: it starts from marriage between homosexual couples and continues with energy sources, citizenship income, the European Union, immigration, pensions and the Ius Scholae. You can always make only one choice and in the end the party that has the political program most similar to the sequence of choices appears. The filter is called POLITICAL ELECTIONS 2022.

The idea is simple to understand and above all it allows creators to have current content that is then open to criticism and user comments. The filter has achieved its goal, as he explains to Davide Fumarola, its creator: “I wanted to allow users to shed some light on electoral programs. I took the most important points and created this game to figure out who to choose. The interesting thing about videos with this filter is that they create suspense until the end ”. 34 years old, a career in communication, Fumarola has been studying the filters of this platform for some time: “I specialize in brand identity. When TikTok opened the possibility of creating filters, I immediately threw myself into it. It is a market that will continue to grow ”.

The background: from Harry Potter to footballers

Scrolling through Fumarola’s TikTok profile you can see all his old works: “The first one I created is a filter in which you have to create a balloon with a chewing gum. The goal is to make it as big as possible without making it pop. Nobody has figured out how to do it yet ”. Among his works also the well-known Harry Potter Sorting Hat which assigns the protagonist of the filter to one of the four houses of Hogwarts. Among the filters that have made more success there is the FaceMash of the players: in a challenge that recalls the progenitor of Facebook, users from time to time have to choose which player to keep on the screen and which to kick out of the frame.

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