The Steve Jobs Archive is born, the site with all the vintage shots of the Apple founder

The Steve Jobs Archive is born, the site with all the vintage shots of the Apple founder

The digital archive was announced to coincide with the launch of the iPhone14: this virtual museum will also feature unpublished material.

It’s an inheritance, and now it is accessible to all. Friends and family of Steve Jobs presented the Steve Jobs Archive on Wednesday 7 September. The site to celebrate and remember the founder of Apple. “Even though we have some artifacts and some real material, the archive is much more about ideas,” he explains Laurene Powell, Jobs’ widow, at the Vox Media conference. On the other hand, first of all, Steve Jobs was a visionary. The presentation of this archive was organized a few hours after that of the new iPhone 14.

He helped create a taste for modern culture, he redefined the digital age, and even when he failed Steve Jobs did it well. Think of NeXT, the computer company founded during Apple’s exile. It never became a commercial success, but it was a pioneer in technology. The World Wide Web was created on a NeXT computer and today software is the heart of Apple’s operating systems. The archive portrays the complexity of the technological titan. He goes through his life in stages with videos, audios and phrases. It will also be present unpublished materialreveals a statement.

Above, first is an email that Jobs sent to himself on September 2, 2010. A love letter to humanity. “I love and admire my species, alive and dead, and I totally depend on them for my life and well-being.” At the bottom of the page, however, we read at the bottom: “With respect for the past and enthusiasm for the future, the Steve Jobs Archive offers people tools and opportunities to contribute. We are building programsscholarships, collections and partnerships that reflect Steve’s values ​​and carry forward his sense of possibility ”.

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According to Laurene Powell, the archive is “rooted in Steve’s idea that, outside of the natural world, all the systems that govern our lives were built and designed by other humans. Once you have this intuition, you understand that you, as a human being, can change it, stimulate it, perhaps, question it and lengthen it. This is how human progress takes place ”.

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