The rumors about the future of PS5: Sony will launch a new model with external Blu-ray player

The rumors about the future of PS5: Sony will launch a new model with external Blu-ray player

According to some rumors, the new console could be available on the market as early as September 2023.

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One last revision in sight. The new model of PS5 it may allow players to detach and replace the drive that can read video game discs. According to Tom Henderson of Insider Gaming, Sony should launch the novelty as early as September 2023 even if other sources give September 2024 as the most probable date. With the new PS5 it would be possible to play using a Blu-ray player connected to the console via an entrance USB-C. To date PS5 is available in two models. A fully digital version with no entrance for physical games and a version also enabled for physical games with an integrated player.

The advantages of a single model with external reader

This choice would simplify first of all the production. Sony would only put one model on the market and not two. Secondly buy the console separately could save buyers. Also because PS5 is getting more and more expensive in several countries such as the UK, Canada and Japan. In fact, Sony has recently raised the prices of consoles in all major non-US markets. Not only. With an external reader, repairs in case of failure would be easier: it would be enough to replace or repair this unit and not send the entire console to service.

The new revision of the PS5 shouldn’t change its aesthetics much. It will likely resemble the current digital version, with the additional USB-C port on the back being the only difference. According to Insider Gaming the new model would feature one more compact chassis thanks to the optical reader separated from the console. As for the‘hardwareinstead, it will remain nearly identical.

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