The Privacy Guarantor asked Facebook to explain what it is doing for the Italian elections

The Privacy Guarantor asked Facebook to explain what it is doing for the Italian elections

Political elections of 25 September 2022 in Italy

The stated goal of the Guarantor is to avoid another Cambridge Analytica case.

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Political elections of 25 September 2022 in Italy

A information campaignstickers for Instagram with landing pages and collaboration with a number of organizations that deal with fact checking to check the news. In view of the elections of 25 September Meta has put in place a series of initiatives to invite voters to vote and prevent them from spreading through its social networks fake news.

Initiatives that will now be controlled by the Privacy Guarantor who in a note released in the last few hours explained: “Also in light of the previous sanction imposed on Facebook for the” Cambridge Analytica “case and the” Candidates “project, launched for the 2018 elections, reminds us that it is necessary to pay particular attention to processing of data suitable for revealing the political opinions of the interested parties and respecting the free expression of thought “.

Not only. The Guarantor also wants to verify that the users involved in this operation are all adults: “Facebook will have to provide timely information on the initiative undertaken; on the nature and methods of data processing on any agreements aimed at sending reminders and the publication of information “stickers” (also published on Instagram – Meta Group); on the measures taken to ensure, as announced, that the initiative is brought to the attention of adults only “.

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Meta’s response: “We have already started to collaborate”

A Meta spokesperson has already told Reuters news agency that the social networks of the group founded by Mark Zuckerberg have already begun to collaborate with the Guarantor to provide all the requested data: “We are collaborating with the Italian Authority for the protection of personal data to explain what we are doing to help protect the integrity of the Italian elections and to put people with reliable electoral information from the Ministry of the Interior ”.

The Cambridge Analytica spectrum

The case Cambridge Analytica broke out in March 2018. Cambridge Analytica was a British consulting firm that collected and resold personal data from 87 million accounts without their owners’ consent. Information that was then given to political organizations of various fields and used for propaganda. It all started with Christopher Wylie, a former Cambridge Analytica employee who wanted to tell his story to several newspapers.

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