The first episode of House of The Dragon can be watched on YouTube

The first episode of House of The Dragon can be watched on YouTube

In just a few hours, the first episode of the Game of Thrones prequel was viewed by over 200,000 people.

It’s a great September for fans of fantasy sagas. And now it will be even more so as HBO has decided to put the first installment of one of its flagship series on YouTube. In a couple of weeks they started House of the Dragon su HBO e The Rings of Power on Amazon Prime. In both cases, these are highly anticipated sagas: House of the Dragon is the prequel to Games of Thrones. Set 200 years before the events recounted in the series that introduced the Westeros to the general public. House of the Dragon focuses on the stories of the Targaryen house and in particular the period of the civil war known as The Dance of the Dragons. Rings of Power is also a prequel, this time of The Lord of the Rings: the series, broadcast on Amazon Prime, tells the forging of the Rings at the center of JRR Tolkien’s work.

The comparison, in terms of numbers, already seems to have a winner. The first two episodes of Rings of Power, which aired together on the same evening, were seen by 25 million people. The first episode of House of Dragon instead totaled only 10 million viewers. The difference is also in the subscriptions, Amazon Prime can count on a wider audience than HBO, also counting all the connected services such as Now TV. Many fans were then burned by the ending of the mother saga Game of Thrones, not exactly the most acclaimed in the history of TV series.

How to see the first episode of House of the Dragon

It is to reverse this result that HBO has released the first episode of House of the Dragon for free on its YouTube channel, an attempt to broaden the audience and convince a wider audience to subscribe. In a few hours the episode has already totaled over 200 thousand views. At the moment HBO has put the block set by country and the episode is not visible outside the United States, from Italy so it is only possible to see it with a VPN.

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