The 10 best startups in the past year offer IoT-related solutions for the workplace

The 10 best startups in the past year offer IoT-related solutions for the workplace

These IoT startups are exciting new tech for IT security, sensors, and device management. They are also disrupting industries like construction, railways, or even manufacturing.

IoT trends seem to be rebounding after last year’s slump. This is good news for startups in the space, as there are now more opportunities to develop these projects commercially.

IoT spending is up and it’s been a good year for those who have been selling IoT solutions. If projections hold true, it will have been a great year for startups as well. New companies are popping up all the time with innovations that help capture IoT data as well as analyze and protect it from threats.

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One of the IoT growth drivers is enterprises upgrading to next-generation technology, with total IoT spending growing more than 12% in 2020. We project this trend of looking to future-ready technology will continue throughout next year and until at least 2022. This is great news for IoT startups that are looking to provide new IoT security, sensors, or device management solutions. These offerings are in demand and the opportunity is growing with every innovation.

Here are the 10 hottest IoT startups of 2021. Highlights include former Microsoft and Intel execs as well as entrepreneurs from Singapore’s Foodpanda to EA-owned video game developer D that have been instrumental in spreading IoT innovations. Happily, they are available in a wide range of industries, from construction to smart buildings to rail freight to process manufacturing.

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