Snoopy, seeds and bolts: the “strange” objects that will fly into space with the Artemis mission

Snoopy, seeds and bolts: the “strange” objects that will fly into space with the Artemis mission

The Artemis I mission will not have a human crew, instead of tree seeds, bolts and a Snoopy puppet will travel.

Credit: NASA

Fifty-five kilos of strange objects will travel over a million kilometers. The mission Artemis I NASA will depart on September 3 and will not have a human crew. On the spacecraft Orion tree seeds, bolts and even a Snoopy figure dressed as an astronaut will travel. The “official flight kit” is established by federal law. The goal is to allow NASA, international organizations, and business partners to use the relics that will travel on the spacecraft as prizes or museum objects. To be able to upload them, it is necessary to submit a written request to NASA. Flags, badges, stickers, but also less conventional objects have passed the selection.

First of all the puppet of Snoopy astronaut, which will be used as a visual indicator of zero gravity. It is no coincidence that the protagonist of Charles M. Schulz’s comics since the 1960s has been linked to NASA. Even before the man set foot on the moon, the US government agency asked Schulz for permission to use the image of the beagle. On Orion there will also be one of the cartoonist’s nibs and 245 silver pins by Snoopy.

After 53 years also a space find will come home. A fragment of lunar rock collected during the Apollo 11 mission will travel on the spacecraft. It is not the only relic, on board there will also be a bolt, nut and washer belonging to one of the Apollo 11 F-1 engines.

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There will also be gods in the kit tree seeds, which on return will be distributed in schools for educational purposes. It is not the first time, even during the Apollo 14 mission seeds were loaded on board in order to examine the effects of space on plants. The experiment was unsuccessful, the vase broke during the flight. On their return they were planted by the United States Forest Service and grew 450 plants later called “moon trees”. Now they have a second chance.

Il Lego group, through a collaboration with NASA, it has earned a place on board. The iconic yellow figures will also travel in space, in fact the company is committed to creating a program of free lessons, “Ready to launch”, dedicated to the STEM professions linked to space. The European Space Agency instead donated a statuette of the Greek goddess Artemis, referring to the name of the space program. It will then be exhibited at the Acropolis museum in Greece.

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