Slack was built for people. Now its devices talk, also

Slack was built for people. Now its devices talk, also.

In Slack‘s brand-new platform, your calendars and also doc apps can chat with each various other.

Slack wants to bring all your software together on its new platform, released at the company’s annual Frontiers Conference. Slack is the central hub of communication for at least 177,000 paying customers. With so many people working from home, Slack has become the “digital headquarters” of today. Its tools like Slack Huddles allow employees to stay connected and work efficiently.

A lot of people work with multiple apps to get the most out of their time. By using AI you don’t even need to do that. Slack’s head of platform Steve Wood talked about the customization feature mentioned in the article which can be found in Slack today. The new platform falls in line with Wood’s vision last year at Frontiers – the place users keep track of everything important happening in their company, compiling information from other tools and platforms.

At a press briefing of this year’s Frontiers, CEO Stewart Butterfield described the new platform as “a real perfect bridge” between “a solid, dependable professional structured system” and “looser, sometimes messier, more casual conversation.”

Slack was built for people. Now its devices talk, also.

“The platform has been rebuilt and we’re not exaggerating,” said Slack CEO Stewart Wood. “The company has long allowed developers to build their apps and workflows within the app itself.”

Most apps were designed to use each other when needed, but there was no way for them to coordinate, which meant that when you want to schedule a meeting in your chatroom, you have to jump through extra hoops & use Outlook or GTalk to do so.

Slack‘s new platform is being massively adopted by developers. With the great features of the app, it has never been easier to set up apps that can talk to each other. As the Slack app ecosystem continues to expand, employers that use it will be able to create and customize branded workflows for their organization.

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They’ll build workflows with no code, simply drag and drop the apps together. Slack’s workflow builder tool is accessible to anyone no matter how complex or highly specific their processes are. You can create notifications that you would like to set up, such as a daily check-in reminder, but DocuSign does not allow you to set up complex processes such as one with many steps and approvals.

Although it’s still early days for what this might look like, Slack needs developers to create these apps. They are interested in seeing what people do with the API they provide because they are key to helping Slack talk to other services. “We’re watching to see what our developer ecosystem does, and then we’ll work on the builder for normal people,” Wood said, noting that over a million developers use the platform. “The approach we’re taking with that is we want you to find a useful tool and give it to someone who needs it.”

Slack was built for people. Now its devices talk, also.

Figuring out how to implement communication between apps for your company is a big deal. Slack Connect is a tool that allows you to do just that and more! The same building blocks and workflows can be used in the Connect channel as well, as it allows for different organizations to come together. “We see this as being a very powerful way for them to expand their reach and maximize the resources they have available,” said Ilan Frank, Vice President of Product.

Slack is always looking to incorporate third-party integrations to notify users about what’s happening in outside apps. Salesforce allows individuals to subscribe to notifications within their platform–making it easier for people to stay tuned in. This would also make targeting people easier, which is important when advertising through Slack.

Smartsheet leverages Slack for notifications and has become the platform of choice for many professionals at work that use different tools. Cynthia Tee, Smartsheet’s senior VP of Engineering, said “people should work where they want to work.”

“A Smartsheet integration lets you post content anywhere dynamically without having to upload it,” says Tee, “so it’s all about staying in the same place and not missing a beat.” It also enables you to dynamically notice and receive notifications when something changes in its docs.

Slack can often “ping” or alert you that there is unread content in your channels. Voice notifications, which are more prevalent than text ones, can also be overwhelming. With the recent change in notification settings, people aren’t seeing the notifications they need to know about which makes this issue even more frustrating.

Many people agree that personalizing notifications could be a powerful way to inspire improved behavior. However, there’s disagreement over whether these notifications- tied to specific user profiles- would have the same effect on everyone or worsen the issue of unwanted activity.

“Digital technology can bring digital intelligence into the forefront of everyday life,” Wood said. “We all make noises and sounds and in one way or another, we can broadcast in a lot of ways. But there’s only so much room on the screen.”

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