Silicon Valley engineers are using cosmetic surgery to grow taller

Silicon Valley engineers are using cosmetic surgery to grow taller

More and more men are trying to improve their physical appearance: according to Dr. Depishard most of his patients are Big Tech engineers.

There is no clear correlation between cosmetic surgery and Silicon Valley engineers, but according to the dottor Kevin Debiparshad there is. He is a Las Vegas cosmetic surgeon who specializes in leg lengthening procedures, and his patients seem to have a well-defined profile: they are men, they are rich, and they work for women. Big Tech.

“I have type 20 engineers of software that are doing the steps to stretch the legs right now in Las Vegas. I have patients from Google, Amazon, Facebook. I have had a lot of patients from Microsoft, ”says Debiparshad. He founded his he clinic, the Limb plastX Institutein 2016 and business exploded during the pandemic.

How the leg stretch works

The doctor breaks the patients’ femurs and tibiae, then inserts adjustable metal nails into the bones. They are stretched a little, every day for three months, with a magnetic remote control. It is a painful, long and very expensive surgery. One of the many engineers, a patient of Debiparshad, told GQ that he had to spend three months in his apartment in order to recover seven centimeters in height through the bone implant. The procedure costs between 70.000 e $ 150,000the price changes depending on how tall the patient wants to get.

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Aesthetic interventions in Silicon Valley

From 1997 to 2015, the number of men choosing aesthetic interventions increased exponentially, del 325% according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. The Washington Post in 2020 reported that more and more high-profile engineers are turning to botox, fillers, lasers and collagen. All of the Silicon Valley. However, it seems that cosmetic surgery is the answer to more complex pressures. “In Silicon Valley, it is commonly believed that if you are over 35, you are considered finished,” he said Larry Fana plastic surgeon from San Francisco, to the Washington Post.

A trend that is also reflected in the lawsuits that have been brought against Big Tech. In 2019, for example, Google paid 11 million dollars to more than 230 candidates over 40. They accused the company of being involved in a “systematic model of age discrimination during the hiring process”, court documents report. The physical appearance therefore seems one of many ploy to survive and advance in Silicon Valley’s hyper-competitive landscape. “And so these men try to improve their image by using their hefty salaries to alter their appearance,” Fan explains.

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