“She’s as black as me!” The reactions of African American girls to the new Little Mermaid become viral on TikTok

“She’s as black as me!” The reactions of African American girls to the new Little Mermaid become viral on TikTok

After the 1989 Disney classic, the Little Mermaid will return with a live action directed by Rob Marshall.

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May 24 Disney will present the live action of The little Mermaid. The film is part of a well-known and not particularly popular trend. We have already seen the live action of the Jungle Book, of Beauty and the Beast and again of the Lion King and Aladdin. For now the new films have not warmed the hearts of the public like the originals but with The Little Mermaid something different seems to have taken place. In the 1989 film directed by Ron Clements and John Musker, Ariel was styled with pearly skin, long red hair, and blue eyes. In the new version directed by Rob Marshall, Ariel will be played by Halle Baileyactress and singer born in 2000 of African American origins.

The controversy around his choice as the protagonist have begun some time ago but in recent days they have become noisier. On September 10, Disney released the movie trailer where in one of the last scenes we see the new Ariel singing with her hair crossed by the waves. Among the comments of the purist philologists who accuse Disney of having desecrated the fairy tale written by the Andersen brothers, the reactions of the little girls and African American women watching the trailer for the first time and discovering Halle Bailey’s face. “She She she’s Black!” is the most common phrase but there is also someone who gets more excited “she She she ‘s like me”.

Hashtags and view data

The two hashtags connected to these reactions are #representation e #blackmermaidto understand the virality of the phenomenon However, it is not possible to look only at these data as they also include many videos that are not strictly related to the new Little Mermaid. User @armina posted a video in which he edited some of these reactions together: the clip alone achieved almost 16 million views and 4.3 million likes in less than 24 hours. Among the individual videos, one of those that circulated the most was published by the @preciousavery account and totaled almost 5 million views and 1.5 million likes.

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Djarah Kan’s comment: “Do not take away professionalism from black actors”

The Italian-Ghanaian writer Djarah Kan commented the whole story on his Instagram profile: “The sommeliers of the accuracy of the Disney live action and the Fasci in defense of the childhood memory of the nineties just can’t swallow the idea that their much loved white little mermaid, in 2022 will be played by a black actress ”. In his speech, however, he also asks that the role and professionalism of black actors be not neglected: “What I would like to share with you is the theme of the role of black actors, who are promptly stripped of their professionalism to the point of making the roles that they interpret as a favor that is part of a political agenda “.

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