Qualcomm has completed the purchase of Corum’s client Clay AIR

Qualcomm has completed the purchase of Corum’s client Clay AIR

Corum, a leading AI company, today announced that its client Clay AIR has been acquired by Qualcomm. They are a leading AI company that specializes in hand-tracking and gesture recognition technology. The acquisition of Clay Technology strengthens Qualcomm’s VR technology stack with the addition of their highly accurate and power-efficient hardware-agnostic technology and an industry-leading team comprised of computer vision, interaction design, and machine learning experts.

We are very pleased to have assisted you with this transaction. Qualcomm welcomes a team of brilliant professionals to deliver an impressive transformation of how we interact with computers, cars, and consumer electronics in the future. “We’re thrilled to be able to add such an extraordinary team of world-class engineers and leaders,” stated Serge Jonnaert, Corum Senior Vice President of Technology M&A.

They both seem set on achieving a shared goal: powering a seamless and high-performance metaverse experience for users and developers. The acquisition of Clay AIR by Qualcomm Technologies will allow them to provide increased quality in their XR developer stack, which requires hand tracking and gesture recognition technology,” explains Thomas Amilien, CEO and Founder of Clay AIR.

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Clay AIR developed a solution that offers a universal view of the hands regardless of the hardware being used, so it can be available to everyone. Clay AIR’s hand tracking technology enables more immersive and natural interactions with digital or virtual assets without compromising the experience. Clay AIR is the result of years of research in AI, computer vision, and UX. Over the past 5 years, Clay AIR has partnered with some of the world’s top companies and manufacturers and is now in a position to commercialize its technology.

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