A Comprehensive Guide To Progressive Insurance: Everything You Should Know in 2021

A Comprehensive Guide To Progressive Insurance: Everything You Should Know.

Progressive Insurance is one of the most talked-about car insurance companies in the country. They’ve grown so big because they offer competitive rates, and more importantly, Progressive has become synonymous with auto insurance. Although they’re known for their catchy jingle (and I’m sure you’re humming it right now) there’s a lot that goes into this company.

The History of Progressive Insurance

Progressive Insurance

Progressive Insurance was founded in 1936 by four people and has been in operation for over 80 years. It wasn’t long after their inception, though, that the company saw its meteoric rise. It began as a small, local insurance agency that primarily sold auto insurance. The agency expanded in the early ’40s and moved to a larger location. That’s when the insurance salesman turned into the car insurance salesman, and Progressive started selling general insurance. What’s your claim like? Progressive Insurance grew so big so quickly, that in 1951, they were sold to Prudential Insurance Company. And, Prudential kept the same four men that founded the business in their respective positions, who then renamed the company Prudential Progressive.

The Basics of Progressive Insurance

If you’re not familiar with Progressive Insurance, here’s a brief overview of what it’s all about. Progressive is a national automobile insurance company, which means that all of its policies are set for the entire country. In addition to car insurance, Progressive offers homeowners, renters, and commercial insurance policies. How Do You Apply for a Progressive Policy? It’s important to note that all policies sold by Progressive Insurance are based on your driving record. Once you complete the application form, you receive a 30-day review period to evaluate the new policy. If you’re satisfied with the review, you’re all set to keep your coverage. Progressive’s premiums are calculated based on your driving record and other driving habits.

Progressive Insurance

How They Protect You

Progressive Insurance’s slogan of “you’re covered, period,” is true because if you’re in an accident you’ve covered no matter the cause. Not to mention, they have a great network of tow trucks, and their trucks are insured so you can immediately be taken home. The cost for the tow truck is included in the insurance rate, making it even cheaper. Progressive pays your claims quickly and without hassle, and you’ll never get the runaround. When you have a claim, they get it fixed quickly and will even contact the body shop to get you your car back as soon as possible. Progressive offers various discounts to members of the military and veterans, along with their military discounts.

What Makes Progressive Unique

Founded in 1946 by Henry Winkler’s Uncle Ben, Progressive Insurance started as a car insurance company with one product. In 1986, the company started offering policies for home and vehicle ownership. In 1991, the company decided to follow the rest of the insurance industry by lowering its rates. Following the recession of 2007, Progressive had to make some decisions. They decided to raise rates for Florida residents. The “concessions” were meant to encourage Florida drivers to remain active and save money by not filing claims during the recession. While the decision left Florida residents angry, Progressive had to be proactive to survive.

Progressive Discounts

Every customer who enrolls in auto insurance through Progressive is granted a discount every month. Some discounts are different than others, depending on where you live, how fast you drive, and how much your car costs. But, the savings are pretty good and vary between -6% to 22% depending on your state.

Policy Holdups When your car is repo’d in CA, your insurance company gets a report to show that you have no car insurance. By doing this, Progressive will be required to pay your insurance bill for that month. This is why Progressive will not insure a person who lives in California without car insurance. It just can’t happen. Progressive Insurers If you don’t have car insurance, Progressive won’t be able to ensure you at all.


No question finding the right car insurance for you is important, but it’s more important to make sure that you’re the one who decides what coverage you need, which company is the right fit for you, and how much you should pay for your policy.

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