Opera Launches Beta Version Of Its Crypto Web Browser for iOS Users

Opera Extends Built-In BTC, ETH, TRX Wallet Services to Over 170,000 Monthly Users

Opera, a leading web browser company, has launched a beta version of its highly anticipated crypto web browser, which will enable nearly one billion iOS users to access and explore Web3 services.

Opera Launches Beta Version Of Its Crypto Web Browser

In a recent press release, Opera stated that the new crypto browser is a part of its widely anticipated “Crypto Browser Project” which has been introduced to offer users direct and user-friendly access to essential web3 services.

“Web 3 is gaining momentum, with a record 34 thousand developers having joined the space in 2021 to work on a growing number of dApps. The Web3-experience for users has, however, been oftentimes far from intuitive and traditionally not optimized for iOS users. With iOS support, Opera’s Crypto Browser, which is a dedicated web3 browser with a built-in non-custodial crypto wallet, is primed to take adoption and ease of use up a notch.” The press release later adds

In addition to this, the press release further notes that the new browser also features a crypto aggregator platform named “crypto corner” which will display “live crypto information and updates, crypto asset prices and gas fees, as well as crypto events, airdrops, and even podcasts.”

Opera’s new crypto browser has been designed to accommodate the growing needs of the consumers to access the emerging web3 developments. The browser will also include a non-custodial crypto wallet which will enable users to buy crypto with fiat as well as send, receive and swap tokens of any supported blockchains. The browser will also deliver “seamless and direct access to decentralized exchanges, Web3-based NFTs, and gaming Dapps – including over 7,000 Polygon-based services.”

Opera browser will also boast a special feature that will enable users to restore any Ethereum virtual machine compatible wallet with the native opera wallet. The particular feature will enable users to integrate their existing assets and balances with the new Opera browser setup, simplifying the crypto browsing experience.