Luna Display is adding support for 5K displays, PC-to-Mac mode, and more

Luna Display is adding support for 5K displays, PC-to-Mac mode, and more

Astropad released Touch Bar support and a new software version, Luna Display 5.0. This update not only provides tailored Mac & Windows compatibility but also introduces other preplanned features.

“Thank you for your feedback! We’re ending this year with a BANG and bringing to life some of the top features from our users,” writes Savannah Reising, who is one of the company’s founders.

Here’s the new update: 4K and 5K support. Now, you can use a PC or Mac with a 4Kor 5K display as its own display on your computer at full resolution. Luna Display now supports those resolutions on PC, Mac, and Apple TV-powered devices.

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Now PC owners can use any Mac as a second monitor with this feature. In addition, the Magic Keyboard is now supported. With the Luna Display app, you can use both a Mac or PC with an iPad on the same display.

Astropad is happy to announce that their latest app, Luna Display, supports teleprompter mode for PC. This new feature gives you direct eye contact as you begin your video calls and allows for simple editing in the advanced photo editor of the app right on your desktop monitor. Teleprompter Mode can help streamline the workflow of your business. Sometimes flipping images manually can be a hassle, especially if you are using a TelePrompTer.

The feature named Office mode for PC is designed for users who work in an environment where there are multiple people using Luna. With this feature enabled, Luna will no longer automatically connect to the first computer it finds on the network. Luna Display can now be updated wirelessly using a Wi-Fi connection or USB cable. In order to get this update, the Luna display on any primary devices must also be from your company’s pool of devices.

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