L3Harris Missile-Tracking Satellite Advancement Developments

L3Harris Missile-Tracking Satellite Advancement Developments

L3Harris Technologies has been given the green light to develop and integrate its $193 million advanced missile-tracking satellites for the US.

The company had its project approved by the Space Development Agency. They will be working on it until the launch date in 2023.

Ed Zeiss, the president of L3Harris, said in a promotional statement that the company’s new initiative demonstrates that “early missile warning and tracking missions can be efficient, affordable, and developed at a pace that keeps up with emerging threats.

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The project was already in the works when we commissioned you and has had many successes since then. These initial efforts were all thanks to you, so thank you very much for carrying out this ‘final design review’.

There was a lot of news coming out of China recently, which came with many concerns globally due to hypersonic technology.

The hypersonic missile test that was recently revealed by Beijing has impressed military experts. It proves how far the country has come and continues to develop technologically.

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