Israeli defense minister’s house cleaner caught attempting to spy for Iran

Israeli defense minister’s house cleaner caught attempting to spy for Iran

Omri Goren is accused of contacting an Iran-affiliated hacker group and offering to supply information from inside Benny Gantz’s home. The Shin Bet says he had no access to classified material.

Israel Hayom) An individual who worked as a cleaner at Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz’s home was arrested earlier this month on suspicion of espionage, it was cleared for publication on Thursday.

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Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) agents arrested a man from Lod for alleged ties to Iran’s Revolutionary Guards. Officials say he was arrested because he had been “trying to organize activities in Israel to harm our state.” Goren reportedly contacted the Iran-affiliated Black Shadow hacker group of his own accord a few days before his arrest and offered to provide information from within the defense minister’s home.

In exchange for an undisclosed sum of money, he offered to install spyware on the minister’s computer. There are many benefits of using this software, one being that it would allow a third party to access the computer.

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He also supposedly took photographs of Gantz’s desk, computers, a tablet, a locked safe, a shredder, papers with IP addresses, a package with the label listing the souvenirs Gantz received as IDF chief of staff, and framed photos of the family.

People have been sharing a lot of concerns about how the Shin Bet did not take any steps to take away what Goren had. They stressed that Goren was arrested before he could do any damage and never got access to classified materials.

Once the criminal investigation concluded, the prosecutor filed an indictment against Goren for espionage.

Shin Bet officials said that they had some ideas for ways to reduce the potential of incidents like this happening again.

Security protocols at the defense minister’s home keep confidential information from being accessed without a proper security clearance. Under these circumstances, Goren does not know classified information.

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