Is this the End of Cryptocurrency in Russia ?

russia to ban cryptocurrency- Alexey Moiseev

Russia’s deputy finance minister Alexey Moiseev was on an interview on a local tv station where he said that they still find it very difficult to believe that cryptocurrency is not a pyramid scheme.

He made mention of the government allowing only those who have big businesses and had solid good reasons for buying cryptocurrencies to do so.

When asked why ordinary people can’t also buy cryptocurrencies, he said…

“For ordinary people, there’s no way because these are very dangerous investments that could lead to loss of money.”

He also added that the sale of cryptocurrency will be done through the Moscow stock exchange under the supervision of the federal financial monitoring service of Russia.

Moiseev says

We’re not offering to call “cryptocurrency” currency, or regulate it like currency

And that in future, cryptocurrency exchanges will be shut down to stop operating in Russia same way done by other regulations.

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