Is Disastrous an adjective?

Is Disastrous an adjective? DISASTROUS (adjective) definition and synonyms|Macmillan Dictionary.

What is the adjective dreadful means?1: participated in by or triggering suffering or catastrophe: disastrous a disastrous flood. 2: awful, horrendous a devastating rating.

What is the adjective form of catastrophe?Adjectives to describe catastrophes consist of disastrous, awful and catastrophic.

Can it’s be an adjective?It’s and its

For instance: “This is its brand-new home”– in this example, “its” is before the noun, so it needs to be an adjective.

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When can you state that something is disastrous?

Something that is devastating has extremely bad consequences and results or is extremely not successful.

What is the noun of dreadful?

Word family (noun) disaster (adjective) dreadful (adverb) disastrously.

Is Unveiled a noun or verb?

transitive verb. 1: to eliminate a veil or covering from. 2: to reveal: divulge, expose a good time to reveal their strategies. intransitive verb.

What is the adjective for hero?

gutsy, brave, strong, brave, brave, intrepid, dauntless, brave, lionhearted, adventurous, valiant, valorous, bold, identified, doughty, indomitable, mettlesome, perky, undaunted, adventurous, adventurous, gallant, game, have-a-go, undaunted, daredevil, gritty, unafraid, unflinching, unshrinking, ballsy, death-or-

What is the adverb of disaster?

In a disastrous way. (Of the nature of a catastrophe; calamitously.)

What kind of word is disastrous?

of the nature of a catastrophe; disastrous. foreboding catastrophe; ill-omened.

What is distinction in between pronoun and adjective?

The most basic description is that adjectives customize nouns or pronouns, and pronouns refer back to nouns that were mentioned earlier in a sentence or paragraph.

Is many a noun or adjective?

The word lots of has two common functions: A) It is frequently utilized as an adjective that explains a plural noun and tells us that there is a great deal of that noun, as in these examples: She strove for many years.

Is its a noun or a verb?

However the possessive its is a pronoun, not a noun, and, like other possessive pronouns (his, hers, yours, and theirs ), is written without that particular little punctuation: I have to fix my bike.

What is a dreadful situation or event?

1 adj A disastrous event has extremely bad consequences and results. (=disastrous)

What does Astrous indicate?

triggering terrific distress or injury; ruinous; extremely unfortunate; disastrous: The rain and cold shown disastrous to his health. Antiquated. foreboding disaster.

What is the sentence of devastating result?

The failure of the revolt had a dreadful effect on the Christians of Vietnam. This quantity of water would have disastrous impacts if delegated flood southern Manitoba. This had a dreadful effect on the railway. Last, and crucial, the disastrous impacts of depression would be decreased.

When to utilize are or is?

If the noun is particular, use is. If it is plural or there is more than one noun, usage are. The cat is consuming all of his food. The felines are consuming all of their food.

What is the noun kind of powerful?

(countable) Ability to affect or affect. Control or coercion, especially legal or political (jurisdiction). (metonymy) (chiefly in the plural) The individuals in charge of legal or political power, the government. (metonymy) A prominent country, company, or other such body.

Can unveil be a noun?

The noun unveiling can refer to an occasion where this occurs, or the act of doing it, as in The plans will be exposed at the huge unveiling next week. Example: The company revealed its brand-new phone style recently after months of speculation.

Is unimportant an adjective or a verb?

UNIMPORTANT (adjective) definition and synonyms|Macmillan Dictionary.

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