InventHelp Developer Creates Power/Charging Gadget for Instruments (SDB-1565)

InventHelp Developer Creates Power/Charging Gadget for Instruments (SDB-1565)

SAN DIEGO, Dec. 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — “Music is important in my life,” said an inventor from San Diego. “Some creative people have a way of understanding and creating something beautiful.”

It seems that more and more music gear companies are releasing wireless products, but it’s still hard to find a charging solution for these devices. It would be good if a similar design could be introduced, so people using bass guitars can also enjoy wireless functionality.

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The patent-pending SMART BASE helps you the power and charge the strings of your bass guitar quickly. It’s easy to store & transport, which increases convenience. It also prevents the hassle of using 9-volt batteries to power your instrument, which is currently more popular than ever.

The new invention features a practical design that is easy to install on 4-6-stringed bass guitars with active pickups, so it’s ideal for musicians. Additionally, it’s available in design variations

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