Instagram does not protect the data of minors, a maxi fine of 405 million euros is triggered

Instagram does not protect the data of minors, a maxi fine of 405 million euros is triggered

The investigation by the authorities lasted two years. For Meta this is the third sanction from Dublin.

Instagram has not protected the data of minors, and for this it will have to pay a fine from 405 million euros. The Irish Data Regulatory Authority has sanctioned the platform. In fact, it seems that the information of minors registered with a business account was visible to third parties. This ruling is the result of a two-year investigation. It started in 2020, and it’s focused on minorsbetween 13 and 17 years old, who managed business profiles.

The investigation revealed that business accounts were more vulnerable, with Instagram letting children’s data, such as mobile numbers and e-mails, filter through. “We took our final decision last Friday, setting a € 405 million fine,” said a spokesperson for the Irish Data Protection Commissioner (DPC), the main regulator of Instagram’s parent company Meta Platforms Inc.

The response from Instagram

Instagram responded to all the allegations: “The problem has already been overcome with the updates,” says Instagram. The settings were changed a year ago to protect children’s data. Profiles are now automatically set to private mode, so they are only visible to user-approved profiles. “Instagram will appeal the decision,” writes a spokesperson for the parent company Meta Platforms Inc. via email.

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This is not the first time

The fine is very high, one of the most important applied under the GDPR (the European General Data Protection Regulation), and is the third that the Irish regulator handed over to Meta. The first came last year: a € 225 million fine for violating privacy on WhatsApp. The second took place in March. The investigations had revealed the lack of data protection on Facebook and had sanctioned the company with 17 million euros.

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