In the situation of an earthquake

In the situation of an earthquake


Securing on your own as well as your family

Make sure that all family members know just how to shut off utilities (gas, water, and also electrical energy) in an emergency.

Make certain every member of the family recognizes where secure areas remain in each area, such as under durable tables or work desks or in solid doorways.

Identify risk zones in each area, such as windows, shelves as well as furniture, that might fall over and create injuries.

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Shielding your residential or commercial property

Check to see that your home has actually been correctly “connected” to the foundation. Substantial damage is often done to homes that change and also slide on the foundation during an earthquake. A professional can recommend you concerning this as well as suggest whether lateral supporting of your home wall surfaces is essential.

Be sure that water heaters and other gas devices are effectively bolted down or sustained on the flooring or wall.

Place the larger, breakable items on lower racks.

Look at the ceiling and also the foundation for deep plaster fractures. Make the needed repair services if there are signs of structural flaws.

Make an inventory of your ownerships and shop it off the facilities. If your items are damaged, this listing will assist in the case filing procedure.

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