In 2023 BeReal may have paid functions

In 2023 BeReal may have paid functions

The basic functionalities will remain free, while you will be able to make purchases on the app, a way to exclude invasive advertising as a method of financing.

Try to copy it Instagram, try to copy it TikTok. BeReal, however, he does not want to resemble either one or the other. Precisely for this reason, it could choose to monetize, not through advertising, but with purchases on the app. The latest news was whispered to Finantial Times.

How BeReal works

Imagine something different. It is the basis of BeReal, the app that wants to break the over-representation of contemporary social networks. When the notification arrives you have it two minutes to post a photo with the front and back camera. Missed the opportunity, you have to wait for the notification of the following day. In addition, if you do not publish, you cannot even see the contents of the other profiles on the social network. A choice that could also reduce the voyeuristic drifts of Instagram or TikTok.

Where the earnings come from

Still nothing for sure, but it seems that BeReal’s earning method also wants to mark a further distance from other social networks. In fact, the app is considering adding paid functionality. Purchases on BeReal may resemble Discord Premium subscriptions. That is to pay a monthly fee to be able to take advantage of certain bonuses. For instance digital stickers. A way to exclude advertisements from the monetization system. However, the basic functionalities of the app will remain free.

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This choice denounces the desire not to be just a passing fashion. The addition of paid features comes from the suggestions of some investors who want to avoid the chimera of every social network: a sharp fall after the great success. BeReal had 10,000 users a year ago, today it counts 15 million. And it’s worth more than 600 million dollars.

Insiders told the Financial Times that BeReal’s rapid growth could reach “tens of millions of people by the end of the year”. The ability to shop on the app will probably not be available until next year. BeReal now has other priorities. For example, understanding how to solve technical flaws and refine the usability of the app, to manage millions of users who publish at the same time.

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