IBM & Meta are joining forces to fight against AI bias in the hiring process

IBM & Meta are joining forces to fight against AI bias in the hiring process

It is a concern for AI developers, but to what extent? It’s hard to say.

IBM & Meta have joined the Data & Trust Alliance, a non-profit corporate-backed group that has developed an evaluation to combat bias in artificial intelligence used for hiring and employment decisions.

A group has been formed to address the effects of automation on workers. They launched Wednesday and include Deloitte, Mastercard, Walmart & more companies. They developed a questionnaire with 55 points to help guide employers and provide education for employees.

Alliance members are aimed at identifying unfair practices in resume screening techniques that discriminate against minorities. Let’s hope for a more equal world!

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Alongside areas like access to finance, housing & education, discrimination in hiring is a major concern with regards to AI systems, This is because of bias in these areas and the makeup of training data for programming. There is potential for legal exposure, as well and there have been many cases where past incidents have benefitted white people over others.

Even as companies try to show they’re on top of the issue, policy-makers are also signaling that regulating bots is a major concern of theirs. In November, New York City passed legislation to evaluate the potential for discrimination in the job market from the use of AI technologies.

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