How to activate energy saving for consoles: instructions for XBox, PS and Nintendo Switch

How to activate energy saving for consoles: instructions for XBox, PS and Nintendo Switch

By selecting the right mode, you can save up to 60 euros per year (according to current energy prices)

In recent weeks, the most pressing problem for the EU economy has become the cost of energy. The price of electricity is increasing exponentially, so much so that in Italy too a plan is being discussed to systematically reduce the demand for energy. While we await the arrival of new economic policies, there are guides for limit energy consumption at home, starting with appliances. In a way, video game consoles can also be included in this category and they too have a number of ways to limit the consumption of electricity. In many cases, the best way to save electricity is by entering the mode energy saving.

In short. All the latest generation consoles, from X Box from Microsoft at PlayStation di Sony passing through the Nintendo Switch, are equipped with a mode that allows you to turn off the whole machine when not in use. Otherwise the console remains on in stand-by mode, so as to allow a very quick start when you want to play. Since all machines now only need a few seconds to start playing, turning them on again shouldn’t be a problem anymore.

How to activate energy saving on XBox One and XBox series X / S

When in power saving mode, the consoles Xbox One, Xbox series X e Xbox series S start up in 45 seconds. To set it up, just follow this settings path, as explained on the customer support page:

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  1. Profile and system
  2. Settings
  3. General
  4. Power saving and startup mode.
  5. Energy saving mode

Also to save energy, you can choose to automatically deactivate the console after a period in which it is no longer used. According to a calculation made from energy prices in the UK, changing these options should now lead to savings of € 5.74 per month.

Power saving mode for Playstation 4 and 5

Energy saving for consoles Playstation it is more complex. These devices in fact have different types of energy savings. As you can see in the tables published on the official website, there are standby modes that consume a few Watts and others that are more energy-intensive, since they include the ability to download game updates or recharge the joypads. To understand what kind of settings they are active for in yours Ps 4 the path to follow is:

  1. Settings
  2. Energy saving settings
  3. Sets the functions available in sleep mode

The one to follow for Ps 5 is slightly different:

  1. Settings
  2. Energy saving
  3. Functions available in rest mode

How to change settings for Nintendo Switch

For those who have one Nintendo Switch the problems are smaller. Given the size and computing power, the energy to make it work is less than that required for other consoles. Even in stand by mode then Nintendo Switch will not consume much. However, if you still want to save energy and extend the life of your device’s battery then you can select the sleep mode to have the console deactivated after a certain period of inactivity. The path to follow is this:

  1. Home
  2. System settings
  3. Rest mode

If, on the other hand, your console is attached to the Dock, the only way to make it consume less power is to put it in flight mode.

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