How TikTok Now works, the new function that copies BeReal

How TikTok Now works, the new function that copies BeReal

Once the notification is received, you will have to immediately take a photo or video with both the front and rear cameras.

Turn on notifications to receive updates on

A new feature will be available on TikTok in the coming weeks Now, which is BeReal branded with the Beijing musical note. The mechanics of the new feature are already known: once the notification is received, you must immediately take a photo or a short video using front and rear cameras. “We are expanding our suite of authoring tools as we continue to promote authentic and spontaneous connections on TikTok,” the company says in a post.

Subscribers will be notified each day, and within three minutes they will have to take a photo or video to share with the community. To protect underage users, the function will be made private by default for under-16. For users between the 13 and 15 years commenting options will be limited to Friends Only, to protect them from unwanted interactions.

The comparison with BeReal

This summer BeReal has surpassed TikTok in the rankings of the most downloaded apps in the United States. The philosophy that follows is to go against the social tendency to an over-representation of reality. Which was then one of the harshest criticisms leveled at the platforms that hosted profiles built ad hoc, retouched, photos showing plastic happiness, or unattainable models on the showcases. BeReal with a technical trick he wants to tear this veil.

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To better tell their life, users can post only at specific times of the day, when they receive the notification. If they don’t, they can’t access community content. Missing the opportunity, they have to wait for the next day’s notification and publish. TikTok does copy paste and adds the option to share, as well as photos, too ten second video. In the US, the Now feature will be available in the main app. In other regions of the world it may become a separate app.

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