How the smart thermostat and smart valves work and how much you save on your bill

How the smart thermostat and smart valves work and how much you save on your bill

Saving on bills starts with heating technologies. Our guide to understanding which smart technologies are to be installed in the home.

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The trend in gas prices on the Amsterdam stock exchange is not reassuring. All the curves that draw this index on the charts have faced a rise in recent weeks that had never been recorded before. The results are clear. It is the bills hanging on the windows of the restaurants, the increases on the receipts and the increase in household expenses that are leading us to review how we use energy.

Among the ways that exist to save the resources we use to heat our things there are also the smart thermostats not smart thermostatic valvestwo instruments capable of remotely controlling the flow of hot water that heats homes.

The percentages on the savings vary according to the models used. Of course, a system of this type also provides for investments: let’s talk about figures around 700 euro. Given the current energy costs, it won’t take too long to pay back.

ENEA’s handbook to save on energy and gas bills at home

What is a smart thermostat and how it works

A premise. These devices serve to make the air conditioning of our houses but to be able to use them to the fullest it is necessary to live in a space with autonomous heating. The factors that allow you to save energy in a house are different and among the most important ones there is first of all good insulation, that is the ability of a house to retain heat inside.

One of the smart thermostat models on the market

One of the smart thermostat models on the market

I smart thermostats allow you to set a reference temperature that works for the whole house. But not only. This type of device allows you to set the temperature of the house even remotely: you can therefore turn off the heating when you are away from home and turn it back on just before returning. The best models on the market also have the ability to independently make decisions and therefore regulate the temperature of the house also based on the weather conditions.

What are smart thermostatic valves and how they work

The thermostatic valves make the operation of heating in the house even more advanced. These devices in fact allow the heating to be divided into independent zones that can always be managed remotely. The examples of their use can obviously be different.

Smart thermostatic valves are applied directly to radiators

Smart thermostatic valves are applied directly to radiators

You can turn off the heating of some rooms during the night and others during the day. In this way it is possible to organize yourself in the best possible way to avoid any waste. Who needs to heat up a kitchen at 3am? Also in this case the valves can be controlled via the app.

How much you save on your bill using these smart systems

For smart thermostats, models presented in recent months allow savings of up to 31% of the cost in the bill. Higher percentages are achieved with smart thermostatic valves that allow for savings of 30%. A combined use of these two technologies makes it possible to increase the savings percentages, even if it is not possible to add the two percentages since certain functions of this technology overlap.

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