How are the new Apple Watch 8 and Ultra: features, price and when the new smart watch will be released

How are the new Apple Watch 8 and Ultra: features, price and when the new smart watch will be released

Apple presented the new Apple Watch models: a temperature sensor was also introduced in the basic series designed to help women track their cycle.

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The Apple Watch Series 8 were the first among the new products Apple which were unveiled in Cupertino, California during the Far Out event where it was also unveiled iPhone 14. The new smartwatches launched with a series of stories from people telling how Apple Watch saved their lives. There are those who have been able to connect in a dangerous situation, those who have been able to read their vital parameters or call home when each device was turned off.

The sensor for temperature and functions to trace the cycle

The new Apple Watch, as usual, are dedicated above all to health. They can be used for sports, as they are water and dust proof, and can also be used for heart rate monitoring. Among the new functions there is one also dedicated to women: the one on the cycle track. With the new Apple Watch it is also possible to understand if a woman is ovulating.

Presenting this function, the new temperature sensor was also unveiled, which allows you to increase the information acquired by the device. This sensor was one of the most anticipated ones for the new Apple Watch series. The company has also clarified that all cycle data will be encrypted in the device and can only be read by the owner.

The Crash Detecting function

Among the new functions, Apple also presented one that can detect if the owner has had a car accident. Once the sensors of the device register the incident they will send out an emergency signal. The new system is called Crash Detecting.


The cost of Apple Watch Series 8 will be $ 399 in its basic version and $ 499 in the one that also includes a Sim. In the United States, orders are available from today and can arrive as early as September 16.

How is Apple Watch SE

Along with the main series, the SE series was also presented, especially designed for the family. Also here will be the Crash Detecting function but we have not talked about the temperature sensor or the tracking of the cycle. The costs will be $ 249 for the basic model and $ 299 for the one that also includes a SIM for the data connection.

How is Apple Watch Ultra

With a case made of titanium, Apple also unveiled the new one Apple Watch Ultra. This Apple Watch also has the largest battery ever: with the ability to stay on for 36 hours. This device, explains the company, is especially designed for those who practice outdoor sports. Rispetot to traditional models also has a secondary speaker and more microphones. It will also have a button to which any function can be assigned. There will also be three different straps designed for running, underwater sports and mountain. This device will be available from 23 September.

Apple’s presentation

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