How Anonymous “hacked” Moscow taxis by clogging the streets of the city

How Anonymous “hacked” Moscow taxis by clogging the streets of the city

The attack would have been carried out with the collaboration of the IT Army of Ukraine.

The #OpRussia hacking campaign has found a new target. On the first of September, some members of the collective Anonymous they’ve attacked Yandex, the service that has practically the monopoly for booking and managing taxis in Moscow. Taxi drivers from the Russian capital found dozens of calls all at the same time and all in the same place. The result is obvious: what is already one of the busiest capitals in the world has been completely blocked in the Kutuzovsky Pospect area, where the calls are concentrated.

Yandex herself recognized the attack. Confirmation came from Polina Pestova, spokesman for Yandex: “On the morning of September 1st, Yandex taxi found an attempt by some attackers to interrupt our service. Several dozen drivers received the same request from the Fili region ”. Pestova also guaranteed, however, that the Yandex app has already been optimized: “The algorithm that is used to detect and prevent these attacks has already been improved to avoid similar incidents in the future”.

Collaboration with the IT Army of Ukraine

To claim the attack were some accounts attributable to Anonymous movement. In fact, hackers with Guy Fawkes masks have no official channels: anyone can claim an attack in the name of Anonymous. In this system, however, there are accounts that have become more important than others. Here the attack was claimed by Anonymous TV which also spoke of a collaboration with theIT Army of Ukrainethe hacker network launched to defend Ukraine by Kiev’s deputy prime minister Mykhailo Fedorov.

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