He predicted the Queen’s death on Facebook, but it’s a trick

He predicted the Queen’s death on Facebook, but it’s a trick

Eight years earlier the illusionist Davide Petrullo had posted the date of the death of Elizabeth II, in reality he only modified a post on the social network.

It’s a magic trick on Facebook. The 22-year-old illusionist David Petrullo he fooled almost everyone. On her social page, in fact, the following post appears: “Elizabeth will die on 8/09/22 .. save this date”, writes the October 26, 2014. 10,000 shares, 7,000 reactions. Obviously it’s just a trick.

In fact, on Facebook it is possible to modify a post published even years before. The platform, however, also allows you to access a history of changes. Just go to the three dots that appear above the post and select the option “view change history“. Someone did it and revealed the trick. In fact, it turns out that Davide Petrullo modified the post at 8:06 pm on September 8, shortly after the Royal Family’s official announcement of the Queen’s death. The post of the time, the one published on October 26, 2014, actually contained this sentence: “Time flies, brother, on a private jet”.

He predicted the Queens death on Facebook but its a - September 30, 2022

It could be a precedent

A lot of people took the screenshot of the post and shared it on WhatsApp and other messaging apps. On Facebook it is possible to unmask the trick by observing the history of the post, through a screenshot no. And in fact, a lot of people have been misled. Petrulli’s trick is harmless. The case, however, could lead to new reflections. Think of the debate on edit button of Twitter, the button that allows you to edit the tweet. Button that is dividing the users of the platform. The Petrullo case could be a harmless precedent to reflect on.

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