Google tightens its belt: reduced travel expenses and happy our among employees

Google tightens its belt: reduced travel expenses and happy our among employees

The recession is beginning to affect Mountain View’s huge resources as well. And the next step could be employee cutting.

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II Ceo di Alphabet Sundar Pichai explained that the holding, of which he is also a part Google, will have to become 20% more efficient. Pichai defined this goal at the Code Conference in Los Angeles which was held yesterday, September 7th. A few hours later, the first rumors are already emerging on the direction in which these cuts could point. The Information newspaper has released all the information contained in an email addressed to some of the highest-ranking executives asking them to reduce employee travel to those essential for work.

And not only. The letter also asked to reduce the presence of employees at events in which they can participate even in virtual form and to remove aperitifs and team building moments from the agenda.The change of course was also confirmed to Business Insider with a statement from one of the Google spokesperson: “We recently shared a guide on taking a responsible approach to managing expenses, including travel and events.” The cost cutting carried out by Google, even the forecasts of lower advertising investments, could also translate into a reduction in staff.

The projects on efficiency

This, for example, was one of the examples Pichai gave when he spoke of efficiency: “Sometimes there are areas of our company where there are three people called to make a decision. Reducing the number of people involved in this to two would improve the efficiency of our team by 20% ”. And again: “We want to make sure that when there are fewer resources, we will continue to work on the issues that are most important to us”. Fiona Cicconi, head of personnel, explained last July that at the moment it is not possible “to be sure of the economy of the future”.

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