German Doctors Accused of Giving Out 20,000 Home-Made COVID ‘Vaccines’

German Doctors Accused of Giving Out 20,000 Home-Made COVID ‘Vaccines’

The doctor in Germany has been investigated for allegedly giving out homemade COVID-19 vaccines to around 20,000 people.

An article by the Irish Times reports that Dr. Stöcker said he skipped testing his new drug on humans because it would take too long and cost millions of dollars.

He is accused of running an unauthorized vaccination center. The center is owned and located in an airport he owns in the city of Lübeck, Germany’s Lubeck. Authorities raided it Sunday, according to The Times.

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“We have actually got an obligation to the clients, not the state.”– Stöcker told German newspaper Bild. “Yet the authorities quit every little thing.”

Stöcker is a risk-taker with a bold vision to make vaccination accessible for anyone, anywhere. He spent time and money testing his plan extensively before taking it to the next step. In exploring this idea further, he has put in the effort necessary to ensure the success of his invention without pushing too soon.

He says the three-dose jab is 97 percent effective against COVID-19.

There are four doctors that have been charged by German authorities for an unapproved vaccination site.

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