FTC targets Walmart, Amazon, as well as much more for research right into supply chain interruptions

FTC targets Walmart, Amazon, as well as much more for research right into supply chain interruptions

The FTC is running an investigation into the causes & potential anti-competitive practices in US supply chains. It hopes this will lead to better business practices and less hardship for consumers.

As part of their investigation, “nine large retailers, wholesalers, and consumer goods suppliers” are being asked to provide extensive information to help us better understand the issue. Requests from Walmart, Amazon, Kroger, C&S Wholesale Grocers, Associated Wholesale Grocers, McLane & Associates Inc., Procter & Gamble and Tyson to the FTC have been sent in. They have 45 days to reply to the request.

“The orders require the firms to detail the primary variables interrupting their capability to get, transportation, as well as distribute their items; the impact these disturbances are having in regards to delayed and also canceled orders, boosted expenses as well as prices; the products, suppliers, and inputs most influenced; as well as the steps the firms are requiring to relieve disturbances; and how they allocate items among their shops when they are in short supply,” the FTC stated.

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Businesses are required to provide the government with documents about their disruptions, including strategies related to supply chains, pricing, promotion, and more. These sometimes include cost changes, profit margins, sales volumes, and more.

The authorities are issuing orders with a 4-0 vote under 6(b) of the FTC Act. This allows them to conduct studies without a specific law enforcement purpose.

“Supply-chain disruptions are impacting the supply and delivery of a wide range of goods, including computer chips, medicines & meat,” said FTC Chair Lina Khan in a press release. I am hopeful that the FTC’s new 6(b) study will lead to a greater understanding of market conditions and business practices that may have worsened disruption.

The agency wants to know the impact of supply chain issues on competition in the consumer goods market.

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