Former Trump assistant Mark Meadows agrees to affirm before Jan. 6 panel

Former Trump assistant Mark Meadows agrees to affirm before Jan. 6 panel

The former White House chief of staff has agreed to testify and provide documents to the parliamentary investigation into January. The Capitol riot has been a topic of intense discussion for well over a year and there is finally some progress-Meadows agreed to come in for the panel and even provided documentation.

“Meadows has been engaged with the Select Committee”, says Rep. Bennie Thompson (of MS) – the Committee’s chairman – in a statement made on Tuesday. “He has produced records to the Committee and will soon appear for an initial deposition.”

It has been reported that Meadows will be the key witness in the case. We still need to know more about their testimony but it is very important if they are able to give us further details into what Trump did.

Although Meadows has not yet agreed to testify before the House, he may have some reservations. He might refuse to answer some questions, citing executive privilege.

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We appreciate the Select Committee’s willingness to interact with us and answer our questions and we will gladly answer any of theirs without hesitation. We are pleased to have had the opportunity to meet with you today and ask you some of our own questions so that we can better understand what the Select Committee is currently working on.

This agreement spares Meadows from the risk of his case being scrutinized by the Department of Justice due to him allegedly defying a Congress subpoena. These two feelings seem to be at total odds with each other, but Meadows has made an effort to do what is right for everyone. This is in contrast to right-wing firebrand Steve Bannon, who chose not to testify and obey the law after he was accused of contempt.

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