Flash flooding reported in numerous locations around Calgary

Flash flooding reported in numerous locations around Calgary / Blink flooding has actually been reported in several areas around Calgary following a serious thunderstorm event Friday night.

Before the tornado struck the location, Environment Canada provided severe electrical storm cautions throughout southern Alberta last week, but the warnings were terminated in Calgary sometime past 8 pm. The company alerted that thunderstorms can create hefty rainfall, hailstorm, and also solid wind gusts.

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Calgary cops informed CBC Information that they obtained several reports of flash flooding as well as harmful driving problems complying with the Friday tornado. Police have also advised vehicle drivers to stay clear of driving if at all feasible and to work out severe caution if travel is needed.

Significant roadways in Calgary such as 7th Opportunity S.W. were flooded, compelling drivers to wade into pooling water.

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CBC News also reported that the level of the damages from both hail storms and flooding will be unclear for a long time, noting that the city experienced the nation’s fourth costliest natural catastrophe simply last year when a massive hailstorm struck Calgary in July 2020 and also caused at least $1.2 billion in insured problems.

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