Finest Google Pixel 6 battery chargers 2021

Finest Google Pixel 6 battery chargers 2021


The google pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro is the first full-power smartphones to use Power Delivery for wirelessly charging, but there has been some controversy about exactly how many watts they can pull down. Pixel 6 owners will love these USB-C chargers that are also compatible with all other devices that are compatible with USB-C.

The best Google Pixel 6 chargers aren’t phone chargers, they’re everything chargers

As mentioned up top, you don’t need the Google 30W USB-C Power Adapter, but its listing is helpful because it helps tell us what we need out of better-priced and better-designed USB-C chargers for the Pixel 6: we need a Power Delivery charger supporting PPS (Programmable Power Supply) charging at 25W or higher.

PPS has been around for a while, but due to Samsung’s latest initiative, it has become more prevalent. Samsung has come up with a sophisticated heating solution for its new Note 10+ 45W charging spec. It manages the heat more precisely to ensure your phone doesn’t get too hot while charging, minimizing the risk of fire or other mishaps. The company’s 25W Galaxy S21/S20 specs also benefit from this new feature. Some will argue that this means the official Samsung charger is a pretty great option for Pixel owners — especially since it includes an e-marked cable — and in fact, newer third-party chargers also support it to appeal to Galaxy users.

Finest Google Pixel 6 battery chargers 2021

For the time being, it is best to opt for a 45-90W Chromebook or Macbook charger with PPS. It will provide your Pixel 6 or Chromebook with enough power in no time. The heavier Anker 40W USB-C PD model is still the only choice for those who need something that can go as fast as possible and also charge devices like the Pixel 6. The 30W models may be more compact, but they don’t work as well or with as many devices.

Power Delivery chargers still make a great upgrade for the Pixel 6. Here are a few other things to consider when buying an additional Power Delivery charger: USB-C dual ports and triple ports will allow you to charge your computer and your Pixel 6 Pro faster than ever before, because of proper power management and speed. Aukey is a company known for its excellent products so you can be confident when investing your time with them. The power a Pixel 6 gets from a Google dock is also comparable with that from the wall charger. A product from this company makes sure you have all the support you need to be fully contented when using it.

The right charger also needs the right cable!

Finest Google Pixel 6 battery chargers 2021

When it comes to charging any electronics, the speed and amount of charge each device will be able to receive is only as fast as the weakest link. For this reason, it doesn’t matter how much current your charger can provide or how much power your device needs. If you don’t know how to use your Pixel 6 or plug it into a charger, you might get a slow charge rather than a fast one.

Programmable Power Supply charging requires an e-marked cable for the charger and phone to talk to each other and negotiate the speed of charging according to the charger’s heat, power level, and charging protocols. While cables are quick to slap numbers like 100W charging or 10Gbps on the listing title, e-marked often isn’t mentioned in the title or listed at all.

If you bought a new car and it comes with a charge card that doesn’t come with an e-mark on it, you’re wasting your time trying to charge the vehicle. Check to see if the cord came with a phone charger as well, which usually has one.

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