Facebook down, because today the social network shows other people’s posts

Facebook down, because today the social network shows other people’s posts

Problems for Facebook, today the algorithm is showing posts written by other people in users’ news feeds: this is what is happening.

If you noticed today that your Facebook feed is weird, don’t worry – you’re not the only one. For some hours now, the main page of Mark Zuckerberg’s social network has in fact begun to show content that usually does not appear in the News Feed, that is, the posts that users write on the profiles of other users or on the pages that follow. So the feed was filled with messages sent, for example, to celebrities, or the good wishes that in these early hours of the morning are pouring on the notice boards of those who are celebrating their birthday today. There is only one problem: these messages are ending up in other users’ News Feeds, even outside the circle of friends.

In some cases, posts written for the purpose of public groups (but not followed by those who see them) end up in the main feed, which should not be shown on the main page of the social network because they are published by people not belonging to our circle of friends. “I have a Facebook feed full of strangers writing to celebrities, all right?” writes a user on Twitter. “Sorry but is Facebook down? I find the home full of posts from people who write on other users’ pages “replies another. Many reports also on Downdetector, where there are disservices to the social network.

The problem, at least in the early hours of the morning, has in fact concerned the posts written by users in the pages of celebrities, which have also begun to appear in the News Feed of people who do not follow that character or are friends with the users who write the posts. Then, probably with the awakening of many users and the sending of notifications signaling birthdays, the News Feed was flooded with posts from strangers who wish happy birthday to other users. The cause that led to this problem is not yet clear, but it is likely that it is a temporary technical hitch that Meta will resolve over the next few hours. In the meantime, it seems that the social network has limited the update of the News Feed, which continues to show the same posts.

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