Escape from Moscow: the timelapse of the planes leaving Russia in these hours

Escape from Moscow: the timelapse of the planes leaving Russia in these hours

The exodus from Russia began after President Vladmir Putin’s speech to the nation: he announced the mobilization of about 300,000 reservists.

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“On the black market, a ticket from Moscow to Belgrade reached 9,000 euros”. The figure was released by Aleksandar Vucicpresident of Serbia and linked by a long relationship of alliance with Vladimir Putin. Since Moscow began the invasion of Ukraine, Belgrade has become one of the most popular destinations for those who want to get away from the shadow of the Kremlin. About 50,000 Russians would have arrived in the country since last February. And this is where some of the planes recorded in the images land FlightRadar24the portal that traces the routes of all planes in motion.

A video showing all the planes that departed from Moscow yesterday renders the proportions of the exodus well. Most flights arrive in Turkey, perhaps to leave for other destinations. Others come in Belarusstill others a Kaliningrad, the Russian semi-enclave between Lithuania and Poland. Some flights then go to the south and others to the eastern regions of Russia. No one, as has been the case since the start of the war, passes through Ukraine.

Google searches and machines on the border

It all started on September 20, when rumors about Vladimir Putin’s speech began to circulate. The Russian president has addressed the nation to announce one partial mobilization, the first since the Second World War. For now they have been called to arms 300,000 reservists, citizens who have already received military experience. Most of them are tankers, engineers and sharpshooters. Fear has spread among citizens: in a few hours Google searches to understand how to leave Russia have sprung up and created queues at the Finnish border.

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