eBay bets on Pokémon and Magic, invests $ 295 million for a trading card site

eBay bets on Pokémon and Magic, invests $ 295 million for a trading card site

The whole deal is expected to be finalized in early 2023. Since June, eBay has opened a trading card vault.

eBay has decided where to invest. The e-commerce site made a $ 295 million offer to buy TCGplayer.com, one of the most important markets in the world where you can find collectible cards, especially Pokémon and Magic. The news was confirmed by both companies. TCGplayer, however, explained that it will continue to work independently from eBay, but the knowledge of the e-commerce giant will serve to improve the user experience. Chedy Hampson, founder of TCGplayer, commented on the acquisition: “With the support of eBay we will be able to expand our tools and services to improve the online experience of collectors.” The whole operation should be completed in the first months of 2023.

The acquisition of TCGplayer is not eBay’s only investment in this market. In June, the company announced the creation of the eBay Vault, a 3,000-square-meter vault in which the cards offered for sale on the site can be stored in controlled temperature and humidity conditions. At the moment, cards with a value higher than are stored here $ 750 but in the future eBay does not rule out giving sellers the opportunity to host other types of objects as well.

The explosion of the trading card market

At the end of the 90s, Pokémon cards were items dedicated to the little ones. Sold in sachets for a handful of euros, or lire in the early days, they ended up in notebooks and cases, transported between the courtyard and the houses of friends with only a couple of rubber bands to hold them. Now a first edition holographic Charizard in Italian and in less than excellent condition is sold for around 9,000 euros. The Pokémon card market has become a business comparable to philately: objects with a low production cost and born for common use have become valuable items contended by collectors.

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In recent years, the trading card market has grown exponentially. Pokémon is the most obvious business but historical markets have also grown, such as that of Magic. The reasons for such a high interest are various but surely there is also the attention to the theme of creation with millions of followers, starting from the American Logan Paul. In July Paul entered the Guiness World Record for the most expensive purchase in this market. $ 5.27 million for a Pikachu Illustrator paper graded Psa 10 – practically fresh from the factory.

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